I´m M. Angeles and although I studied Social Work and Inmigration Law in Spain, I´m devoting my time to be writer and Spanish teacher. I´ve always been enthusiastic about social problems, trying to explain why it happen and how we can solve it. “Social problems are individual problems and vice versa”. I´m sure that each opinion can give us other approach so that my intention with this blog is don´t leave problems such a part of our society if not, to try to think about it and find solutions for solve it as people of a society.

In a city like London is impossible don´t be surprised when you arrive from other part of world. It´s a properly multicultural city and although I thought I had a “open mind” the reality is, without doubt, different. Nowadays, I can understand how an inmigrant can feel. As they felt in “my country” when it was a receiver of immigrants and how I felt when I emigrated. “The feeling is unexplainable greatly”. In the beginning everything is new, amazing, but when you are spending your time in another country, I mean, when you are LIVING in other country, “something” tries to make you feel bad.

You start to think that are you an immigrant (in the negative way), that you are working so hard and the salary is peanuts, and you could even feel that you are “slave”. Anyway, you don´t understand the system and you think that the system is trying to “take advantage of you” like literally a “violation”. “Violation” of your right as a person. Definitly, it is FEAR.

Like animals into jungle, we try to survive. How? Each one have different ways to do that. Some people work really hard thinking that “the time” will give them results, I mean, “the life will be fair” and other ones work hard thinking that the system is rubbish and they spend  time being a barfly, drinking on weekends or days off. The reality in this country is same that the reallity in all the countries. But there are just a difference: opportunities.

While in countries like Spain, where the economic situation is worse than bad, opportunities are nonexistent. I mean, you can conform with a job, but you are spending your time, YOUR LIFE, doing something to get money!.Not being happy!. Oh god! That´s a huge error! And I´m sure that is a cultural mistake.

Spanish society are doing something wrong. “They are still thinking about civil war” (I mean, the past) while the world keeps moving and if you think about you like a part of the world, it does not matter.

In my opinion, live the life thinking by day is stupid, being that we a living minimun 70-80 years ( so, we have to think in make our way easier in the future to die in peace.

I can understand that think like it is really difficult, I mean, is easier let the days pass, enjoying drinking with your friends and forgeting what´s your way in this life. Instead, be mature, struggle for your dreams and make it reality is not really easy.

In this line, I what to show how while some lost the time, others take advantage of it.


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