Sun is source of life

After gray days and snow, wake watching the sunlight is the best gift that life can give you.
Sometimes I feel like a flower that needs the sun to perform photosynthesis, to grow. Convert inorganic matter into organic thanks to the energy provided by light.
(More information: C3% ADntesis)

Even in Greek mythology and the Maya culture is preserved the idea of ​​the importance of the sun as a source of life ( (mythology% C3%) # Mitolog.C3.ADa and

As with water, I can live without it, but ONLY short period of time, after a few days I need IT to live.
The sun is the same, is the energy that makes us see things with light, clearly, with north and right vision, without sunlight, definitely we couldn´t live.


That is why even in my gray days I keep “still looking up”, because I believe that the sun will rise tomorrow, because then it will be another day better.
The light is in different places, is in the sun, is in the flame of a candle, a fire in the fireplace and into the eyes of others. The light that fills us exists in many parts, is just a matter of looking.
When you find your light, the light that keeps you alive, it’s like everyone else is feeling, and they wonder you: How is it? Then only you can answer, and you get a spontaneous “Like this” with your arm while trying to pinpoint exactly its height, “more or less like me” and a big smile on your lips is drawn, while you wonder how they know?

I imagine that the light reflects in your eyes, which can be transmitted, which is so strong that shines in the distance and of course in the dark.

So, keep the light burning in your heart while you believe, trust, that your path is there, when you won´t trust, remember that gave you light, if honestly you were happy.
“Because the light in your eyes, is peace in your days”



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