Manage physical resources


Need to recruit and retain a skilled, trained and qualified workforce.

The social field requires more than ever qualify, skilled and trained professionals to provide a high standard of care; working to develop a positive evolution of service users while improving studies about diagnosis to start to grow and be more advance in medium term.

In UK, government is criticising about professionals training without suggest any solution for the lack of it, not very different perspective than other European countries. The social service industry is not a political topic is a human right, it is part of our evolution as human being. The quality of the service is connected with our emotional and psychological needs and also with society welfare. Finding professionals in academic areas or create a sufficiently strong educational system to provide the education necessary can be a settlement to achieve a high standard professional.

Students in academic areas are potential resources that in a medium term, if they have got the correct training can become in an strong force work.

We can be sure majority of student of social work have knowledge needed in terms of care. The next step would be detecting if they have enough innate abilities to perform that role.  Students are high motivated to start working when they finish their studies and they will enjoy the job in terms of care. Also is a good opportunity for organizations to find specialized staff as they are studying theories that can be implemented in the work practice.

One of the strengths also is the importance of continually improving knowledge and practice considering:

– Productivity. If we want to be productive and make a positive contribution to society, we need to keep improving knowledge and skills. That makes us to develop ourselves culturally, intellectually and occupationally. It is very important to make the workforce aware of the part in the productive system.

As much as our work experience is increasing we would need more knowledge to be updated and expand knowledge and resources necessary for the development of our functions.

For example, the learning of a theory can be positive for the individual necessities and improvement and also connect with the working role. Individual gain in knowledge and organization in qualify workforce.  Exist a connection and feedback between them.

– Self-actualization. As part of the professional career improving knowledge make us professionals and provide confidence as part of labour experience and resources.

As Maslow pyramid describes one of human necessities is self-actualization. Personally, I believe is really necessary to develop our skills as much as we can to feel self-realized.

Working in a social field, self-actualization is quite important as e.g. families recognition is a valuable sign of good work. On the other hand, this two points are connected with ‘The knowledge and skills escalator’ and individual needs.


To contract potential professionals is a positive point for the company and can provide a good reputation as well due to the quality of the service they can provide.

Some of the news in the last months are querying social care professional training which could be supported by universities studies to achieve the requested standards. Is this prompt Relevant, easily defined, achievable, cost effective, timely (REACT)?

–          Relevant: This is relevant due to it could make a big difference in social care professionals and health field.

–          Easily defined: To find social work professional for social care industry.

–          Achievable. Yes. Human resources can focus in conferences and advertise the company in the open days. For example, Japanese companies’ human resources invest a huge amount of resources in train university student before they finish their degrees offering a best deal than other organization.

–          Cost effective. The company can do apprentice contract which probably are cheaper than other kind of contract to check if these potential professionals are what the organization expect. It is not necessary just an investment in terms of salary, organization can provide a strong action plan for student’s career development.

–          Timely. Student dedicate around four years to be trained and achieve a degree diploma, time enough to encouraged be involved in care activities or jobs to test if there is the field they are looking for and select the best potential professionals.

The importance of using sustainable resources is basic. Sustainable development that is able to meet current needs without compromising the resources and possibilities of future generations. Intuitively, a sustainable activity is one that can be maintained. Why to create resources when we can use the sources nature provides us? This resources can reduce the time cost. While the university is providing part of the training needed in terms of theories which are necessaries for daily reports for example, organizations would focus in train in this ‘gaps’ the formal education do not provide: Experience and skills.

How to consult? Everyone is involved in the social field. Individuals have a close relationship with care. Asking for advice and experiences can make us to perceive and develop innovation. Human resources play a very important paper in this area. Thought supervisors in the formal context or working environment management team can ask the professional planned activities and analyse if them are corresponding with the resources needed when they are already contract. Consult this information can be done via formal and informal communication methods. To achieve it, is needed to develop a different range of communication methods to acquire the information and evaluate the effectiveness of it. Reflective practice is a strong praxis.

It is of vital importance to evaluate past resource use to inform expected future demand. Review past resources helps to develop strategies to improve the quality of the service. We can do an appraisal to analyse:

–          Perform a diagnostic evaluation at the beginning to establish the knowledge of staff.

–          To do an assessment midyear to establish the progress and identify areas that need to be strengthened.

–          In the end of the year, make another assessment to establish to what extent the staff achieved the purposes of the trained year.

Once it is done we will know weakness and strengths of available resources and determine the line of work we need to work in.

Individuals in charge to review that resources as we mention before, are the employer and the management team which can provide information and analyse them in connection which human resources which has the initial information about the resources in the starting point following organization procedures.

After pass a strong recruitment process done by human resources and reviewed by the employer where DBS, experience and references have to be in immaculate conditions. Then we need to establish an action plan for the individual and assess it continuously to monitor the quality of resources against required specifications analysing potential barriers to professional development.

I would consider:

Lack of confidence. We live in a world were prejudices and stereotypes affect us. Lack of support or society pressure could be a barrier to professional development (context).

Lack of opportunities, for example, as in several countries because of the recession or because woman access to the labour market (in terms of skilled jobs) is not equitable or push qualified professionals to look for the right environmental opportunity in other countries organizations.

Lack of time or economical resources. People make choices in live. For example, buying a house and having a mortgage, having children, etc. Those decisions could be a barrier in professional development as is difficult to focus in professional career because of other responsibilities or issues. We need to analyse not just professional development, also it is need personal issues which could affect in the work practice.

Government policies are one the most important and powerful supports to avoid potential barriers as much as possible. Legislation I terms of maternity/ paternity for example, work opportunities in any field, flexible timetables or rotas,

The environmental impact of resources we use is obvious. In the social area, we talk about individuals, people, human beings. The environmental impact is to promote a happier society built in a professional and organizational base. Why to create resources when we have them? We just need to locate them and train them to achieve our target and make the best of them.




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