Time to change my world

Some people are looking for an stable job and salary to feel, they are in the right moment to settle down and enjoy the moment.

It was exactly that moment in which I decided that even having a secure job in which I could settle down and enjoy having nice dinners and build a social life, it was my time to change the world.

Since I was 10 I knew the reason why I was here was to help others. I have been hardly trying my best since my 20’s without realising the labour I was delivering to others. Voluntaries, short term contracts with specific targets, and a settle job in which I promoted twice in two years. The dream of any person with a bit of ambition.

Is it enough to settle down? I asked myself during few months. Although I tried to convince myself I was a really job position and high possibilities to achieve another promotion in few months, I faced myself knowing any other decision would be the right one.

I wanted to go to Ghana, Africa. I met people from there in my voluntary time in Spain and I’ve always being interested in such a wonderful culture. At this point, after passing a group interview for a British NGO, there advise me to go to Nicaragua as my mother language is Spanish.

I am aware I will go to Africa at some point in the future, as I am still ‘not ready’ and I have lots of things to learn before I move there! And really excited about ‘my; new project across the world.

I decided to show everyone was I am doing from this point to promote awareness and use my own experience to show others that change is possible. We just have to work on it!

Raleigh Nicaragua is next, do you want to share this experience with me?


See you soon!




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